Why we Hire Good Personalities over Good Candidates

In this episode of Raising The Bar Podcast, Allison talks with Robert Lennon.

Robert Lennon started his career in high school when he worked as a DJ and performed in martial arts exhibitions. He went on to learn to speak Korean fluently while working in the Army’s Military Intelligence Corps. After his stint in the Army, Robert continued his martial arts training and taught privately and seminars from Beverly Hills to South Korea to Germany. His martial arts talents opened the doors to opportunities in entertainment where Robert worked on various projects in Television and Film as an actor, fight choreographer, production coordinator, and written several screenplays.

He has worked on both live action and animated films with Arlene Klasky (Paramount’s $36M The Wild Thornberrys Movie, Rugrats, Rocket Power), Mean Guns with Ice-T, and Basic with John Travolta.  Since 2005, Robert moved his career to focus on marketing and consulting for various companies developing every step of business development from brand conception to product development to distribution and marketing.

Robert uses his experience in Martial Arts development and a Master’s Certificate in Project Management to focus on the baby steps and milestones that lead to the big successes in life and business.

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Conversation Highlights:

[01:35] How has the philosophy of martial arts infused Robert’s career?

  • What are the basic steps towards the Black belt?

[03:58] What are the three steps to solve any problem?

[06:39] How is consistency important in business just like in an exercise?

[09:59] Robert’s definition of success!

[12:29] You can teach skills, but you can’t teach personality!

[17:43] A dangerous girl is a safe girl!

[19:44] The chronicles of Robert’s life…..

[24:65] Robert’s best piece of advice for you.

[26:49] Do whatever you love doing because then you will be happy and successful.

Memorable Quotes:

“In Business, if you don’t understand the foundation of your project; you can’t understand the foundation of the people you are working with.”

“Always work to live, never live to work.”

“If you are true in your personality, you can build your life in any way you want.”

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